What a blast i have had the past 2 months in nz. 

i was lucky to have a variety of photo shoots from families to the groom preparation on their special wedding day. 

thank you for being patient in waiting for me to return to my studio so i can edit. 

i am loving the fact i have to go through the many... and i mean MANY photos from the shoots, just to relive those funny moments and the blast we had when i got to meet and catch up with you all.

I had sooooooo much fun i want to do it again..... so nz peeps keep your eyes peeled on my Facebook page for a future announcement where i will be back to shoot more fun times !!!

for the sydney folk who want to capture their little ones grow or capture their family for 2016 please don't hesitate to book on in an appointment with me.

don't forget to book in asap for those newborn shoots. I hate to turn people down due to availability and as you shoot these special shoots when the baby is only 4-14days of age you can never be too prepared when booking. so even if you are 12 weeks along in your pregnancy please get in contact :) 

feel free to tag your pregnant friends on my page so we can sort them out too :) 

can't wait to capture your growing families and kids this year xxx