The time has come..... 

We will be open for business come this weekend 22nd August.

We have a freebie competition as well as great savings on offer.

As it is our GRAND OPENING we are also offering a 50% off our photoshoots as well as our freebie competition. The competition information is listed on the freebie blog.

To scoop up our fantastic savings you must book and pay before the 1st of October 2015 to validate these savings that we offer. This discount is excluding our bundle packages and the sale prices have already been adjusted in our pricing page. Full prices will resume on the 2nd of October. 

These savings are to celebrate an exciting time in my life, where I have finally stepped out and made my business happen. It is also here to help those who maybe in the stage where your baby is due or has just been born and can not want and risk to miss out on the great savings we are offering, by waiting to see if your a winner in our freebie competition. It is also for those who just want to snap up a great deal today. all our photoshoot information is listed on our pricing page so go have a look at what we offer.

And on a plus side ... If you are a lucky winner and have purchased a photoshoot already, you can use the free photoshoot at a later date to capture those special moments or gift it to a family or friend to use. So don't hesitate to like and share our Facebook to be in to win.



little toes and little noses.... how exciting !!! and cute !!!

Any questions please don't hesitate to contact via the contact page. 

Thanks Sophie.